IRGC Chief Vows Avenge for Martyrdom of Iranian Police Forces
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IRGC Chief Vows Avenge for Martyrdom of Iranian Police Forces

A deadly assault against a police station in Southeastern Iran killed 11 police forces and injured several more on Friday. 

In a message to Iran’s Police Chief Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Radan on Sunday, Brig. Gen. Salami underscored that those behind the December 15 deadly raid in Rask, including the foreign actors who ordered it, will pay dearly for it.

“The grudge-bearing enemies of the security of Iran and the Iranians must know that the security guardians and defenders of discipline and peace in the Islamic country will soon... make the perpetrators and orchestrators of this crime taste the bitter revenge for it,” he added.

The Pakistan-based so-called Jaish Al-Adl terror group, which has conducted several bomb attacks and kidnappings in Southeastern Iran in recent years in a bid to disrupt the country’s security, has claimed responsibility for the aggression.

Iranian military officials have warned neighboring countries to observe the principle of good neighborliness and not allow destabilizing activities on their soil.

Also, in a message to Iran’s police chief on Saturday, Iran ' s Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi said the “blind” terrorist attack portrayed a plot by enemies to undermine unity among Muslims.

He added his forces would provide full support for the Iranian Police, expressing confidence the perpetrators would be identified and brought to justice.


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